The Reckoner!

Howdy folks!  The Reckoner rodeo has a brand new member to its cast of characters!  Anonybot 3000!

Scavenged from the same South Philly autoyard where I first found Reckonbot, Anonybot is a Personal Decision Anonymizer!  That means it's capable of taking the stickiest and most embarrassing of Reckonings and scraping your personal information right off of it.  Anonybot is so good at its job, even Reckonbot has no idea who posted that question!

Anonybot is incidentally also a Technics SA-8000X stereo receiver, but it has a fun red bow on its case, suggesting that it's a female robot, a la Ms. Pac-Man.  And just like Ms. Pac-Man, she's extremely good at consuming electricity, eating quarters, and causing you to flunk your eighth-grade chemistry exam.  

Say hello to her next time you're on the site!

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Reckonauts, one and all!

I just want to thank everyone who turned out for the first action-packed, Schwarzenegger-choked, toiled-paper clogged, penny packing, Slim Whitman-listening day of The Reckoner!  It was a doozy!

And it was a success!  10,000 hits in 18 hours! Votes flying fast and furious!  It was glorious!

Another hot day of Reckoner action is just around the corner, but here are a couple of notes before we get started:

  • I fixed a bug in Reckonbot for anonymous voters.  If your vote was rejected for being a duplicate (even though it wasn't), that's now fixed!
  • But why would you want to stay anonymous, when 15 seconds can log you in with your Facebook or Google+ account so you can comment or post new reckonings?

What's more! Being logged in gives you your own account page! Keep track of your voting history along with your ...

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It’s alive!  And there’s nothing anyone can do about it!

Yes, it’s The Reckoner!  Bold and brave and ready to rescue everyone’s faith in Democracy, one question about relationships or Godspeed You Black Emperor! songs at a time!

The basic premise of The Reckoner is best explained over at the ol’ About Us page, so what I’d like to discuss here is the ‘why’ about this whole lunatic endeavor.

The past five years have been a swell time in the brief history of the Internet for many reasons, but a core one is this:

We learned it’s actually possible to ask the Internet for advice, and not get garbage in return.

Up until recently, there was only one question you could ask the Internet without receiving a stream of hot garbage pouring into your lap in the form of mangled consonants, misspelled profanity, and ...

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The Reckoner!