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Holy smokes!  The Reckoner is going to be delivering a solid karate chop of good times to the fine attendees of this April's Philly Tech Meetup, who represent 250 of the sharpest and savviest minds of the Philadelphia technology scene!

If you're anywhere within a three hundred-mile radius of Philadelphia, why not swing by West Philadelphia's gorgeous Science Center tomorrow night (April 11th) to see me trot out some Reckoner-brand razzamatazz to the fine folks and future Reckonauts of America!  RSVP here!

And for the folks who are coming here from Philly Tech Meetup, howdy!  Welcome!  Wilkommen!  Bienvenue!  Hors d'oeuvres are in the kitchen!  Questions are right here!

Your pal in Reckoning!


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The Jefferson Memorial has achieved something of a comic infamy, mostly as a result of its curiously irrelevant location.  Both the Washington and Lincoln Memorials preside imperiously over the National Mall – prime real estate that would confer grandeur even if the memorials didn't have grandeur of their own.  The Jefferson Memorial, meanwhile, sits marooned and neglected on the wrong side of the Tidal Basin, buried in the shrubbery and fodder for the seagulls and tides.

We Americans typically prefer our attractions condensed and accessible, so the Jefferson Memorial is a tough sell in the humidity of the stifling DC summer.  That makes it less crowded, and since the southern bank of the Tidal Basin is an otherwise serene and pastoral place, it also makes it the best place in all of DC’s memorial parkland to actually get philosophical about America.  There is no spectacle. There are few tourists ...

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As someone who grew up in the milieu of the early 1990s, it is impossible to understate the presence of the action hero in my basic cable lifestyle.  Schwarzenegger and Stallone were not merely popular entertainers, not merely granite-carved edifices on which America destroyed the memory of Jimmy Carter, one fifty-caliber squib at a time.  They were the Colossi of Rhodes.  They were Zeus.

But that’s the great thing about childhood movie heroes.  They get older, but Conan The Barbarian never does, Colonel John Matrix never does, and John Rambo never does, unless you let them.  The Terminator will always be back.  Crime will always be the disease, and Marion Cobretti the cure.  And we can stay young, right with them, eighty-seven minutes at a time.

When I posed the Schwarzenegger versus Stallone question on The Reckoner, it brought me right back to my sock-footed childhood, seven years old ...

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At 9:22 AM EST this past Wednesday, The Reckoner! experienced a major milestone!  That's right folks, it was its 100,000th page view! 100 K! 100 mille! 100 tausend! 100 тысяч! 100 천! 100 千! 

That means that Reckonbot sends out a hundred thousand thanks to each and every one of you (or to the one guy who hit 'refresh' on his browser a hundred thousand times) for making our start such a smashing success!  It's because of you, The Reckonaut, that this site is so much fun, so my beyond-hearty thanks goes to you for being as awesome as you've been on this site!

Also, we've picked up a lot of kind press over the past week from news organizations preaching the evangel of The Reckoner!

  • Flying Kite Magazine
    "Forget Bush. The Reckoner is the new decider!..."
  • Philadelphia Thrillist
    "Not just an old dude ...

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Folks, with the passing of this not-quite-New-Year's-Day-but-it-has-to-count-because-New-Year's-Day-was-on-a-Sunday, the Holiday season is officially over.  You are now relinquished from the responsibility of saying 'Happy Holidays' to everyone you see.  You may now just go back to wishing them a nice day, or a great afternoon, or grave injury (if you're Reckonbot).

But over those holidays, for some reason, Reckonbot just couldn't stop!  In fact, it couldn't stop so much that it had the two most active days in The Reckoner! history, along with our very first thousand-vote Reckoning!

And so, on that note, let's take a roll through what we've learned through the holidays:

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